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Becoming a great mentee

Prepare your mindset to become a great mentee. Get clear on three key aspects of before reaching out to your desired Mentor. Congratulations, you have mastered the first essential step: 

1. Be prepared. Before meeting your mentor make sure to be prepared. Write down your questions as well as your expectations and goals you would like to accomplish. Don't be afraid to admit your struggles and work out a plan together.

2. Appreciate your Mentor. It’s important to be appreciative, both explicitly and through your interactions when booking time with your mentor. Mentors are usually very busy people.

3. Be committed. One of the best ways to show appreciation is through commitment: Meeting regularly, being punctual, trying suggestions, sharing outcomes (both failures and successes). By regularly talking with your mentor you show that you’re committed and that you appreciate their insight and feedback.

First meeting with you mentor

Make sure to get to know your mentor at the first meeting. Look out for the mentoring qualities that you expect. Introduce yourself, share your story briefly and openly lay out all your skills & interests. Communicate your future goals in detail and don't be afraid to share what your expectations from a mentor are. By the end of the meeting you should have a better understanding wheter you feel It's a good fit. Together you should also address a rough plan, propose time and process contributions.

Following the initial meeting, you should sleep on it and think if you believe it's a good fit moving forward. Feel free to follow-up with your future Mentor and book the next session.

Upcoming mentoring sessions

Upcoming mentoring sessions

It is vital to keep a productive relationship and communicate regularly with your mentor. Even if just monthly or quarterly, it keeps your momentum going and will ensure an effective outcome and improvement over time.
Always communicate openly and in an authentic way. Sometimes it won't be easy to share doubts, imperfect results, flaws or insecurities. But the more open you will be the more helpful your mentor can guide you through and share valuable insights and propose solutions that will help you to improve. Receiving honest feedback and support from an experienced professional is an invaluable lesson to learn from and incredibly encouraging.


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